Sr. No. Status Name of the Member Address
1. Principal & Chairperson Dr. Bhavesh D. Patel Principal,V.P.& R.P.T.P. Science College
2. Coordinator Of IQAC Dr. Nikunj Bhatt Asso.Prof.Biology department
3. IQAC Member Dr. C. R. Gurjar Head, English Department
4. Senior Administrative Officers from University Registrar Sardar Patel University
Administrative persons from College Mr. Vijaybhai Pijwala Head Clerk,
V.P. & R.P.T.P. Science College
Teacher Members Dr. B.C. Dixit Chemistry Department
Mr. Piyush Lashkari Electronics Department
Mrs. S. K. Menon Microbiology Department
Dr. Minaxi V. Kumar Electronics Department
Dr. L.M. Katara Librarian
5. Management Nominees Dr. S.G.Patel Hon. Secretary, CVM
Shri R.C.Talati Hon. Jt. Secretary, CVM
6. Eminent Persons from Society Dr. D. K. Raval Professor, Dept. of Chemistry , SPU
Mrs. Ashaben Dalal President ,
Jagrut MahilaMandal, Anand
7. Student Representatives General Secretary
V.P. & R.P.T.P. Science College
Ladies Representative
Vitthalbhai Patel & Rajratna P. T. Patel Science College
Mota Bazaar
Vallabh Vidhyanagar


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